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Agri Drone

Agricultural Drone Solutions

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Drone Crop Spray Services

Ensuring the safety of Farmers

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Mobiles Application

Drone Controlling Mobile Application

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What is our USP?

  • A renowned name in the industry for last 41 years and Bombay Stock Exchange Listed company
  • Most Organized organizations in comparison to the new startups in the market
  • Heavily invested in the research programs
  • Heavily Investing in new models for Agri-Drones which would be made in India and designed for Indian market conditions
  • Extensive After sales support
  • Not just selling drones but also creating an ecosystem with technology to generate revenue for drone owners from the market.
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Flexible enough to be folded and can be carried easily. Variety of applications available to ease up your hard-work. Our Drones are capable of spraying Pesticides, fertilisers and disinfectants. A better accessibility so that you can control the movement as well as the route and landing of the Drone which can be controlled both manually and Automatically. An accurate flight speed of 4 Meters per second to save up valuable extra time and quickly adjust to the requirements.
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