MCloud Drone Solutions is bringing revolution with our Drones. We are not just here to seek a better opportunity but to build our own level to raise agricultural research. Our highly educated engineers have provided a lot of specifications to the Drones designed by us. Here you can have a look at their features as they’re mentioned below.

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Evolution of farming with our Agriculture Spraying Drone.

Farming is an ever-evolving industry and our Agricultural Spraying Drone is at the front line of this evolution. Farmers and those who work for them are always looking for ways to increase yields and efficiency to ease up stress from their shoulders and our advanced Agricultural drone technology is providing them with new tools to accomplish this. Our Agricultural Spraying Drone can assist farmers with time consuming tasks such as crop mapping, surveying fields of farms and field analysis. This information can help farmers take required actions as per decisions taken based on the data collected by the drones to take proper care for their crops.

Become an entrepreneur with our ultra-modern drone.

Agricultural Spraying drones are safe to use and they operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They are modified in order to be safe, efficient and effective. With our Agricultural Drone’s ability to spray pesticides in an equal amount to the targeted field, this leads to reduction in pesticides consumption and aims to the safety of farmers since it avoids the human touch to pesticides. Agricultural Spraying Drone hovers over fields, so they can easily reach necessary points with a significant speed of 6 meters per second and they are able to spray 6 to 7 acres in an hour meanwhile saving your valuable time.

Our Drones not only spray for you but they can also spray the way you want. It has the accessibility that you can fully modify its route. You can also adjust the amount of spray according to the fields. Moreover, you can also decide your drone’s starting and landing point as well as make your drone only spray to a custom-made pattern. You can use our drone for:

  • Pesticides spraying
  • Fertilizer spraying
  • Disinfectant spraying

Versatility in features

The agricultural drone revolution is transforming the way we farm. The variety of its features has led this evolution to new heights. MCloud Drone Solutions provides such agricultural spraying drone with these advanced adaptable features:

  • Manual/Fully Autonomous
  • Dual GPS/Dual Redundant IMU
  • Return to home, Auto Landing
  • Low Battery Warning
  • High Precision Obstacle Avoidance
  • FPV Camera
  • LED Light
  • Handheld Radio Controller

To make sure to suppress the complexity of our agricultural drone technology. We have added optional features as well.

  • Seed Broadcaster
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Terrain Following Radar Module
  • Controller with screen





  • Diagonal dimension: 1416 mm
  • Folding dimension: 700 x 799 x 587 mm
  • Unfolded dimension: 1780 x 1780 x 587 mm
  • Motors: x8
  • Electronic Speed Controller: 80A
  • Power: LIPo Battery 16,000 mAh
  • Payload: 10L Tank
  • Drone Weight without tank: 12KG
  • Drone Weight with full tank: 24KG
  • Flight Time (Nominal): 15 minutes
  • Flight Speed (Recommended): 4-6 meters/second
  • Body Type: Waterproof
  • Operating Temperature: 10-50 C