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MCloud provides the latest drone technology for spraying fertilizer and pesticides on agricultural land. In addition to being equipped with advanced sensors, our drones are highly accurate and efficient at detecting the exact amount of fertilizer or pesticide needed in any particular area.

Our drone spraying services make fertilizer and pesticide application easier and more efficient. Drones can cover a large area quickly, and they can apply fertilizer and pesticides even in hard-to-reach areas.



We are the leading source for agricultural drone sales on the web. Our goal is to provide farmers and agricultural professionals around the world with the highest quality drones.

Farmers can monitor and manage their crops more effectively with our drones’ precise mapping and data collection capabilities. Using our drones, farmers can monitor crop health in real-time, identify potential problems, and optimize resources for maximum yield.


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Who We Are!​

MCloud Drone Solutions is a division of Magellanic Cloud that works in
the Digital space and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the
ticker MCLOUD.

Above all, we connect excellent technology and its implementation processes. We do this worldwide. Magellanic Cloud is represented by multiple brands with office locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Therefore, we are able to deliver a wide scope of solutions practically anywhere in the world.


Our USP's

  • A renowned name in the industry for last 41 years and Bombay Stock Exchange Listed company
  • Most Organized organizations in comparison to the new startups in the market
  • Heavily invested in the research programs
  • Heavily Investing in new models for Agri-Drones which would be made in India and designed for Indian market conditions
  • Not just selling drones but also creating an ecosystem with technology to generate revenue for drone owners from the market.
  • Extensive After sales support


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