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Leading the era of Agriculture to evolution with the power of Drone Technology.

MCloud Drone Solutions has taken their first step to innovation regarding the evolution of agriculture by developing drones that are safe to farmers and drone sprayers, can be operated easily and are quick to learn. Our Drone technology is highly advanced enough to be called intelligent and automated. These Drones can run surveys throughout the field and can conduct data meanwhile it can utilize it to obtain conclusions on how much spraying is required to be done as well as which segment of the land requires it the most. You can also choose to manually decide the amount of spraying and the part of land for spraying to be done.

With the ease in Fertilization and pesticides spraying, our drones led us to an ecosystem which saves labor cost and lets us be free of dependency. To avoid harming our environment, saving water is an essential action to take. The traditional way to use water during farming uses up a vast amount of water but with our drone technology you can take a step forward to an eco-friendly environment. Our agricultural drone only uses 1/10 of water from traditional methods.


Delightful benefits of Agricultural Drones.

There are various and many useful benefits of agricultural drone technology which helps us in deriving comfort valuable enough from the assurance provided by these drones. Perhaps the most beneficial point would be that these drones can collect data and act upon it accordingly. 

  • Our Drones can survey crops to ensure the health of crops. The data collected by these drones can be utilized to take required action for the best management of crops. This can lead to increase in yields and will decrease the usage of inputs such as pesticides. 

  • These Drones hover over fields which is a great advantage when it comes to saving valuable time for yourself. While hovering, these drones can avoid many obstacles or avoid the land that has already been managed to reach the targeted area. Our Drones are automated meanwhile with the Dual GPS implanted in it, it uses GPS waypoints to navigate through its route to reach its destination. You can even modify the route of your Drone to let it hover automatically and also allow it the freedom of landing automatically. 

  • Pesticides or Insecticides can be quite costly and buying them often can be troublesome. Our Agricultural Drone has the capability to pile up data of stocks available for a farmer to help him consider how much to use the farming stock in order to maintain it. Once you start using our Drone Technology, you will realize yourself that the pesticides consumption has reduced more than before. The Drone is engineered in a way that you can control the flow of the amount of spray to let it spray only the amount required for crops. Even the crops are vulnerable to pesticides at a certain level. This action can be proven effective for greater crop production meanwhile it will also decrease the impact of pesticides on our environment.


The Rapid Growth in Agricultural Drone Technology

Agricultural Drone technology is growing vastly and rapidly. This is a field that supports farmers in order to increase efficiency and the production of crops while reducing the costs of used inputs for farming. Agricultural drones have earned themselves the reputation enough to be called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that are specifically designed for agricultural applications such as crop mapping, yield analysis, and field scouting. These Drones are developing continuously and offer significant features. They are now equipped with high resolution cameras and sensors that allow them to collect data for farmers. In addition to crop health maintenance and to improve crop yielding, it can use the data collected to optimize the irrigation and fertilizer uses.

There is also a lot of public consideration about the use of Agricultural Drones. Farmers will need to address these concerns before these Agricultural Drones can be widely adopted.