Easy Accessibility to Control Drone through the app.

These Agricultural drones have provided essential aid to farmers and farm workers. The use of Agricultural Drones is not contemporary but this technology has become much more advanced in recent years. These drones are developing further than they’re helpful today to lead us to precision farming. By precision farming, our drones define that this technology has been put to good use in order to escalate agricultural productivity and capability.
MCloud Drone Solutions is advancing towards a helpful era of advanced agricultural drones. To allow farmers and drone sprayers full access to the control and accuracy of our drones, we have developed and connected our Mobile App to keep track of your drone. This Mobile app will become a mini controller for the user and can ease up the controls if the user finds it complex.

These Agricultural drones are equipped with a lot of Features such as:

  • Dual GPS/ Dual Redundant IMU
  •  Manual or Auto Landing
  • Low Battery Warning
  • High Precision Obstacle Avoidance
  • FPV Camera
  • LED Light
  • Handheld Radio Controller

With the assistance of our Mobile Application, these features will become pocket friendly and can be accessed through our app at any time. You’ll be able to command the drones to map and survey fields for a certain time or at a particular time. You will also be able to command your drone to spray pesticides or fertilizers while controlling the amount of spray and monitoring the crops. With the equipped GPS, FPV Camera, and sensors, our drone has the potential to collect data via survey, and all this data will be visible to you via our app and you will be easily able to manage and take the required action.

You can choose to manually take flight or land the drone but with the accessibility of our app, you can turn our drone to fully autonomous. Our Drones are made up of advanced AI, when the drone is out of energy or fertilizers/pesticides, it will signal you through the app in just seconds. You will not need to be worried about transporting drones to a remote locations. Our Drone is equipped with an AI system that uses GPS to locate GPS Waypoints in order to reach its destination provided by the user. We Provide drones that have Nominal flight times of 15 Minutes which can be commanded and changed as per required through our app.